DWI Charges - How to Get Them Dropped

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DWI charges could be considered as a debilitating disease. It might not lead you to death but it will surely affect things and people that truly matter in your life. Depending on the gravity and the frequency of being arrested DWI or driving while intoxicated, it will definitely cost you your time, money and effort. You might not have been convicted yet or sentenced to jail and subjected to hefty fines coupled with other mandatory taxes, but you will gradually feel that one by one you'll be losing your job, your business and worst even your family. So the next thing to ask yourself would be, how could you successfully get a DWI charge dropped before you kill yourself in desperation?

The question may look and sound simple but to go through the whole process of having the case dropped would be a different story. First, you have to hire an expert DWI attorney. He or she will be your partner in proving that you're case is worth a second chance and that the DWI charges pressed against you could, in some way or another be overlooked or dropped. Second, discuss with your lawyer what the police or the arresting officer asked from you during the time of apprehension together with your answers of course. Giving pertinent information would be great help. You might also be asked to furnish him or her any documents or forms or temporary license that the police gave you at that time, to check if there are any loopholes early on.

That way you could argue that since the start there's already some discrepancy regarding your arrest. However, it would also be significant if you practiced your right to remain silent during the time of arrest. Most trial courts give weight to evidences given to them by the police, even though some of it are mainly based on his or her own opinion. So better be careful with your words and your actions. As a standard procedure field sobriety or roadside tests are immediately carried out. You can get a good defense if you could substantiate or provide evidence that you are not impaired by a certain drug or alcohol while you were driving. A good example would be establishing a ground that impairment was due to a medical condition instead. And lastly, you could have the DWI charges against you dropped if you could furnish your own clinical test results for the urine or blood testing done at a clinic of your choice. This is not a general statement, but sometimes crime lab results are not really that accurate or reliable. One perfect example would be that of the DWI charges against Herbert Reynolds, the man who fatally hit Olympian Jack Shea back in 2002. The court ruled that the previous blood alcohol test that he had undergone was inappropriately processed.

Although there's a big chance or probability that people won't get condemned due to DWI, it's still best not to drink before or while you're driving. Think before you act.

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DWI Charges - How to Get Them Dropped

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This article was published on 2010/03/30